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Jan 2019
Shubham kakkar
Jan 04 04:21
I agree thats its missing a few major parts it tje components section ( I need help in that ) I decided to got for changing the frontend Because the earlier one didn't look nice to me...! patterns have changed a lot since last year so, I thought changing it might be good.
Yo Yehudi
Jan 04 10:20
Hey @shubhamkakkar ! Thanks for your PR. I've added a comment as well.
All: Meeting next week? Or is that too soon? biojs/organisation#54
Yo Yehudi
Jan 04 10:38
Hmmm, update components isn't going too well for me - HTTP Error 403: Forbidden biojs-vis-keggviewer Error getting github data! HTTP Error 403: Forbidden angularplasmid Error getting github data! HTTP Error 403: Forbidden biojs-meta-parser
github ratelimited?
Dennis Schwartz
Jan 04 13:58
@yochannah did you set the GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET and GITHUB_CLIENT_ID ?
Or as an alternative, I’ve deployed the develop branch of the registry to So you could just update the DB_CONFIG.js file of the local frontend and point it to (trailing slash required)