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    Dave Conway-Jones
    short answer is no. Node-RED is not very streams enabled. Would be nice though :-)
    Bruno Vieira
    @dceejay in node-red, this.send(data) pushes data downstream
    @dceejay how do you do async?
    that is, how do you tell it to wait before receiving the next msg?
    in streams you have a callback
    function(obj, enc, next) {this.push(obj); next()}
    basically this
    Bruno Vieira
    @dceejay can a JS file access the context? or is it limited to functions?
    Dave Conway-Jones
    currently yes - limited to functions. - but we are about to change some of that... need to be a bit careful so everything isn't open by default - but yes concept of making various aspects of context more widely available is on the short term list. )
    This recent push added async send to functions... node-red/node-red@dd4cec8