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    Gregg Zigler
    reading the blog posting from yesterday… how do we guarnantee that GET is SAFE (i.e. never cached by middleware/routers/HTTTP proxies ? Do we set the expiration to something very short?
    Eric Martindale
    @greggzigler that's a good catch – I think I wrote the footnote backwards. "safe" requests can be cached by middlewares, but since they do not ever change data, you can safely rely on cached results.
    David Johnson
    Hey guys, fantastic API! Excited to use BitPay for apps. Had a few questions in regards to facades and potentially a proposal. Is there a way to use something like an accountant facade? I'd imagine this facade would have read-only API access to all endpoints. This would mitigate risk of compromised key pairs and would also allow third party apps to retrieve merchant data safely. My only other thought in order to achieve safety (i.e. avoid a custodial account situation where a merchant pairs their private key with a third-party app under the merchant facade) would be to somehow emulate multi-signatures on HTTP request bodies, but this seems a little ridiculous, and I'm not even sure it's possible. So TLDR, is there a way for merchants to provide read-only access to their data? This way merchants could potentially be the recipients of cool third-party apps. After reading the docs it wasn't necessarily obvious if this were possible, since the only facades I could see were pos, public and merchant (and onboarding). Thanks ahead of time! - Dave
    Eric Martindale
    Hey @pnagurny – really sad to see comments like this going unanswered: https://github.com/bitpay/csharp-bitpay-client/pull/17#commitcomment-16372845 – do you guys have any ideas on how to improve visibility into internal decisions?
    Raul Rodriguez
    Hello guys, is there a specific reason why when I use the create-invoice endpoint, I don’t get the paymentUrls, as their docs say https://bitpay.com/docs/create-invoice?
    Hello! Is it possible to use legacy API keys (as auth) with the latest API version ?
    Is this project dead?