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Riyazahmed Panarwala
can anybody know this thing new ECIES({ noKey: true })
Cipher encryption/decryption seems as if it is not authenticated #45: bitpay/bitcore-ecies#45
any update on above issue
Crypto Klingon
@superusercode:matrix.org hello 👋
Is there any api to access bitcoin diamond blockchain? Somebody please help
Plorark Triangle Ploangle
hey bros
I saw that with 5.0 it's easy to implement bitcore with another bitcoin implementations
I was looking for some kinda of documentation
but I couldn't find anything related to implementations for 5.0
Crypto Piece
This message was deleted
Michael Quieta
hello is someone using bitcoin-abe here?
@kirkmicz why are you asking sir
Michael Quieta


Because i got an error after fetching several blocks in dogecoin and litecoin using abe.. Maybe someone here successfully run the program with abe.

We have started developing a bitcoin exchange website and also integrated an api which creates a bitcoin , now I want users to deposit bitcoins to that address and when they withdraw it I want charge them minimal fees.
How can we do that?
@SandeshSarfare Kindly contact officiallives1 @gmail.com
Parker Hewitt
anyone here actively working on v8.0.0?
F.B. Jiang
hi, does bitpay can be used to send USDT ?
Robert Russell
Hello great night
Pedro Maia Coelho
Hi, I'm having a problem trying to sign a transaction with bitcore-wallet-client? I create the transaction, publish it and when I try to sign it, I'm getting an error ("Server response could not be verified") can anyone point me in the right direction?
btw, using wallet-client (CLI) I can sign the transaction created and published from bitcore-wallet-client
Pedro Maia Coelho
I solved the problem, if you follow de link I posted the solution
This message was deleted
James Sangalli
Does anyone know an api call to retrieve a signed transaction from the blockchain with a tx id? such that you can get the signature and public key of a transaction and do an ECVERIFY for example
Hello anyone, i'm using your bitcore-message library to verify signed messages, but i do not understand how to handle errors.. how would you do? Thanks in advance
I use
var verified = Message(I WANT TO REDEEM ${curr_amount} SEED).verify(address, signature); and check for the verified status (if verified == true) { ...
but when it returns error ?
kazZ ...
Hi everyone !!
Does anyone know how to create and sign btc transaction offline in java?
kazZ ...

@maia-dev - can you please help?

Hi everyone !!

Patrick Michalina
Anyone here willing to point me in the right direction of how to reconstruct someone's transaction history from a ledger?
I dont't understand how a wallet (like electrum) reconstructs the transaction history
I don't see this in the API docs (nodejs)
hi! anyone know Paynex.io?
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Hey bitpay community! Would like to say i respect the work you all put into the project and have been really interested in learning more about the technical side of things.

I came across an interesting debate going lately on the overall general consensus issues and felt the devs here would be some of the best to shed some light on.

Kyle Samani from Multicoin Capital and Will Martino from Kadena are hosting an AMA - Town Hall style on the next wednesday (20th) at Discord

  • Inviting specifically blockchain devs and high level players in the space to drop questions on the issue of:

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake. Pivoting around New Findings, Perspectives & Tradeoffs. It would be amazing to hear what the higher level thinkers are saying and discussing about - so do share your question!

Proof: https://twitter.com/kadena_io/status/1104102013355335680
Discord: https://discord.io/kadena

I haven't looked at this project for a long time. Can someone answer questions about how the architecture has changed? i.e. Do we still need bitcore-bitcoin client , or are the new packages using Bitcoin's official core ?
Can i use signed transaction approach for orders?