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Jeroen Evens
About 1.5 seconds
Thats still fine
Does anyone know how I can self-host with nextcloud?
Wasim Malik
Hi Everyone, This is my first contribution in any opensource project developer please check my pull request
I have fixed bug
Hey - questions about locking of MacOS app - are there plans for TouchID support? I've seen stuff around Github about it being possible with new Electron release - wondering as current system prompts my master password so often
Hello team i am new using bitwarden
i have installed successfully
how i can setup this with okt
Shiv Patel
Anyone know how "unlock with Face ID" works behind the scenes for apps like Bitwarden? Would the master password be stored on the device in Keychain or is this a completely different method of authentication against the Bitwarden API?
Timo N.
I just noticed that vault.bitwarden.com has version 2.12.1 but on github the web frondend only has 2.12.0
@ntimo I think that's not that uncommon: they first test the versions on the public instance and then they create the releases on the public repos
Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this, but I'd like to know if payment is possible through Invoice too, as we dont have PayPal or Creditcard
Kyle Spearrin
@RobbieJanssen Yes, just email support@bitwarden.com
They can accomedate
  default: critical
    homeassistant.components.http.ban: warning
I'm not sure where this configuration snippet comes from / where it has to go
as there's no logger service in bitwarden, I'm rather lost..
I would also like to log failed login attempts, as the author seems to do in the linked topic above
thx :+1:
Kyle Spearrin
I am not familiar with how to do that
(finally answer to the above question is here, https://community.bitwarden.com/t/external-log-file-containing-failed-accesses-to-fail2-ban/194, we need some more logging to properly do this)
hi folks
been looking at/into BW, as alternative to LastPass & have a few Q's, please
biggest one is relating to sharing of creds, ie. I use LP & so does my wife, trying to get other family members to get their own. Each with their own account. I'm also encouraging friends & colleagues to make use of a proper password manager
rather than reusing weak creds across sites/systems
what I really like about LP is that I can share stuff with others & not have them able to view pwd
from what I can see, BW only allows this for $$$ accounts (which I don't have a problem with in principal), but it does not look like I can share a cred with any other arbitrary user
is this correct?
mic check

Hello Everyone,

I have found this article in the internet.

Can you give me some information about this? The section about the master key is really interesting for me.
Furthermore, I was a bit surprised that my master password obviously goes over the line - albeit in a somewhat hashed format [POST Request]:


Does bitwarden send the master key via Internet to the bitwarden server? Or is this only a hash from the bitwarden master key? Or is this only some security key derived from the master key?



Caleb Smith
Hey everyone, I installed self-hosted bitwarden according to the script and everything runs just fine, however when I try to create an account in the webui I get a "Unhandled Server Error" message
What logs would I look in to figure out what's going on?
Caleb Smith
Did some more digging -- the mssql container keeps rebooting
What would cause that?
Caleb Smith
bitwarden/server#582 Looks like it's an open issue, I'll be following that instead
Hey guys anyone knows of some way to add some button that would always be on the right of the login form just like Dashlane has? It's just timewasting to always have to click 3 times to fill in the details or the details could fill in automatically that doesn't matter.
Alberto Díaz López
Hi everyone, i don't know if this is the right place to ask this, i'm not a developer of Bitwarden, but i would like to know how to export correctly my vault, cause i'm trying to import it from KeePassXC, but the import is wrong.
Thanks :).
Per Nielsen Tikær
I'm sure that I'm just blind, is there a "global search vault" like LastPass' have with cmd+shift+l
Hey guys
Quick question: I'm considering self-hosting Bitwarden for me and a few friends, is there a way to buy a premium license for the entire server, without making everyone join an organization?
John Rickard
You need a premium license if you host it yourself?
You don't
But I basically want everyone on the server to have premium features
And I'm pretty sure that's not actually a thing
But I might be missing something
The whole self-hosted/premium story is kind of confusing tbh
John Rickard
Damn, that's too bad. I'd love to help but I'm new to Bitwarden
h.r Hey people, I'm looking to migrate from the unix pass cli tool, https://www.passwordstore.org/, or more specifically gopass, https://github.com/gopasspw/gopass, to bitwarden. Are there any pre-existing tools to make this migration?