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Jun 2014
Brendan Zabarauskas
Jun 26 2014 05:29
Ok, if you guys are convinced an async error handling strategy is best, lets do it! Probably makes more sense in a game dev context.
Dzmitry Malyshau
Jun 26 2014 12:16
@bjz I figured that since all creation routines will return the handle immediately, the reverse channel (from renderthread to user) will be free to use for the errors, i.e. no need for an additional channel, we just need to change the policy of using the the client and add a function to iterate current errors. All more or less trivial but blocked by the fact we don't have the proper handles yet. I'll create an issue shortly....
Dzmitry Malyshau
Jun 26 2014 12:22
Created #22. @photex Please feel free to grab and assign it on yourself. I didn't do it in case you had other stuff to do.