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May 2016
Irving Rabin
May 12 2016 22:59

Folks, I have a question. I understand that original purpose of dotenv was to make it easier to set environment in development and test. However why can't we use it in production? For example, a user may predefine a set of libraries starting with ~/.<product_name> and then having /etc/<product_name>, /opt/<product_name> or /var/<product_name> farther in the list. In this case users may create env file outside of the product and redeploy newer versions of their software without any customization - it is all kept externally.

Well, why I am saying this... Your doc explicitly says that dotenv is used for development and test only, that's why our IT doesn't allow it in production saying "it is not used in production". No technical reasons help - they say that creators themselves say that this is not for production.