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Hi I'm Pat Thank for the cool event
Oat Phattaraphon
Hello, I'm Oat
Cristiano Silva
Hello, does anyone have a shell script for sending email? by smtp or sendmail? can be in perl or shell script.
@cristianopavlis here is what I write as a function:

send report email function

function send_report_email() {
cat ${NORMAL_EMAIL} | mail -s "${REPORT_SUBJECT} - $(date)" \
-S "smtp=${EMAIL_SERVER}" \
-b ${REPORT_BCC} \
-a ${attachment} \
NitroCode Alex
Hi guys
Keith Bennett
@djay Are you looking into React this evening at the hack night? If so, can you give me more of an idea what you will be doing? Exploring it for the first time? Asking someone to show you (us) how it works? I may be interested in joining you for that.
El 李天宝
I am looking for PHP veteran who is willing to use Python
And also Frontend guy. If he knows React will be a plus
Lara Cooper
hi guys. i need working idea for simple http/s proxy server in python. share any examples if u have it please
El 李天宝
@laracoo I recommend to do seperation of concern between Infra level and App level
Try Caddy
Hi all! Does anyone know a forum on njRat on ubuntu??? Has anyone dealt with njRat? Do you know what it is for?
hey room, I was look for help with hashcat I been trying to change my txt file to a non Byte Order Mark (BOM) but what every I do it keeps telling me that it there
Are CTF supporters here? This is what i found in one of their rooms title must be used for processing PIL
El 李天宝
El 李天宝
Tmr is PyCon
hi there
El 李天宝
Today aCommerce ThaiPy :D
hi I'm mohsen
I have a question. Is there any way to create a not open fake access point to steel a real access point? Something like phishing but not from browser.
El 李天宝
Python is very easy. SCB Lawyer be able to make his own GUI application within 2 year
James Brown
Anyone interested in automatic coding?
Check out my latest repo below
Any contribution is welcomed.
El 李天宝
@James4Deutschland Does it mean your code will write code itself?
James Brown
Yes it is :)
El 李天宝
Can I input with natural language and it generate the recursion code for me?
James Brown
Yes of course!
of course!
Just NON
I wanna join hacknights as once time but my english is not good I’m afraid I could not understand and talking with the party
Dylan Jay
@ivybridge-3c33 There is always a mix of thai and farang there.
Bo Opfer
Hello all, I am from Los Angeles very interested in coding. I a Jr. maybe more... Javascript / React full-stack dev. Always looking to help people who want to start (make me better) and I am very interested to get some mentoring from seasoned people.
Just NON
@djay lol okay
DJ Tinkers


Dude, hit me up.

Been wanting to create an entirely new coding paradigm based on Predictive Coding, MLCodeOptimizers, Poly Morphous Coding, ETC.

Here's my github. https://github.com/Neur0plasticity

DJ Tinkers




Need a to write memory awareness modules.

El 李天宝
DJ Tinkers

Project Proposal
Algorithm that writes algorithms from test files. Little data required unlike machine learnings pitfalls.


Hi everyone
I'm looking for a Android Dev. to rewrite one of our existing applications.. let me know if you or someone you know looking for a gig :)
Zied Aouini
a flexible network data analysis framework.
Feedbacks are welcome!

networkanalytics #machinelearning #datasets #dataprocessing

Tim Scheffmann
Hi guys/girls. Wanted to join this weeks’ meetup. However, I got an important event here in Laos. Will join next one! Thanks for organizing such great events! T:m