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Alfonso Perez
Just issues
Hey, is there a more indepth tutorial on how to setup blackbird?
Štěpán Štorek
@alfonsoperez I see, what does “HN” mean then? :smile:
hi all. I understand I can not have any BTC on exchange in order to start blackbird
but I have some BTC there (set limit sell). Can I withdraw BTC, run blackbird and put them back to exchange ?
also for trading, it would be great to implement some lib, which implements it, like https://github.com/ccxt/ccxt/wiki/Manual#markets - it is great
hey ive downloaded these
but how do i install them?
sorry that might be a stupid question, but im a noob when it comes to this programming stuff
this channel is dead
hi. is there anyway to install blackbird on a rasp pi ?
i have this error
in text:
fatal: fsync error on '/blackbird/.git/objects/pack/tmp_idx_3BaFwe': Structure needs cleaning
fatal: index-pack failed
im using Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
fixed restarting system
is it posible to run it on a raspberry pi ?
i cant find the way
Jay Hodges
i built it on ubuntu mate on a pi. it worked.
i didnt find the way. could u make a howto ? you could upload in https://steemit.com and earn some extracash :))
Jay Hodges
I just followed the instructions.
installed all the packages, and built it.
Yanin Elbi
Hey guys
Is anyone using blackbird successfully and has made any trades?
WaterDog Capital
Hello Guys
I'm trying on a Ec2 instance. However I'm struggling to get it working.
Do you guys know any user-guide how to use blackbird ?
i got it to work on a linux box last year
Kiryl Chetyrbak
hello Gentelmen, what are best two exchanges to use with this tool?
You'll need one of the exchanges that can short, so bittmex
Bitfinex* or kraken and as many others as you think will give opportunity
Hello there!
Anyone still using blackbird these days?
I've developed my own bot, I didn't know about blackbird until today!
There are some key differences. Mine trades on multiple exchanges/pairs in parallel, I think blackbird doesn't do that
Anyway, if you're using blackbird or any other bot and want to compare the results feel free to PM me
Kim Nilsson
@xttam Seems your code isn't public.
@xttam hi Matt
Hi all, i'am created copy of blackbird based on nodejs cctx library (https://github.com/vladthelittleone/arbitrage.js). So my code support about 100+ exchanges and all coins supported by cctx.
In 1-2 days, i'am will finish docs.
I didn't test my project about 1 month, cause i have no time (will do it in 1-3 days). also i need help with grammar in docs.
Configuration is same as in blackbird project.
@vladthelittleone Does it work now ?
@butor can you help me please
Hi everyone, I was wondering if this bot is generating profits in real accounts, even if they are few (2% per month is already good).
Hi question for the team, for a remote install on a virtual private server (e.g. AWS), would you recommend modifying any of the docker files to expose any particular ports (e.g. 9091)? For some reason I'm having troubles accessing running container in web browser when launching configuration as-is
Hello, which VPS works best for blackbird? ( maybe two options, cheap and expensive, thanks!)
And a second question: would like to use the project to study python, to keep me engaged and motivated, there is a similar project to blackbird, written in python someware?
Jesus Padron Plana
@xttam hello
I already have it installed on Mac, but I have doubts regarding SpreadTarget, can someone support me by telling me the best configuration?