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Feb 2016
Feb 22 2016 23:24
it would be a demonstation for the application of more efficient jet turbines being used in quadcopter applications
@LorenzMeier Is there a px4 Navio/Rpi2 development chat room? I started building one. I have the real time kernel inside the jeesie release. I have also compiled ros/mavros.
Mark Whitehorn
Feb 22 2016 23:28
In what way is a jet turbine more efficient?
Feb 22 2016 23:29
No, the jetcat is horribly inefficient due to lack of compression phases.
Larger applications would allow for bigger more efficient turbines
Feb 22 2016 23:46
@kd0aij Potential applications would be for transportation quadcopters that need considerable amount of lift and fly at greater speeds with the exhaust thrust from the engine. These would fly at greater altitudes than our current quads.