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    Marty Schoch
    the best way to troubleshooot it is to create a small sample that illustrates the problem
    and share it here for others to review
    Greg Sebastian
    Fair, thanks
    Aman Gupta
    what is the status of scorch? is it being used in production?
    Matt Ingenthron
    @steveyen ? ^
    Abhinav Dangeti
    Apologies its been a while since I checked in here. Yes - scorch is being used in production.
    Marty Schoch
    @tmm1 sorry i missed this earlier. yes i agree with @abhinavdangeti multiple companies are using scorch in production now, and while we had one outstanding possible corruption issue, we just closed it. (not a scorch corruption after all, see blevesearch/bleve#1145)
    im planning to fix the release (or lack thereof this week), we were close but then go modules complicated things a bit
    Aman Gupta
    That's great news, thanks for the update.
    What's the issue with go modules? I've been spending a lot of time updating projects to use modules myself
    Marty Schoch
    ah maybe you can help, i don't remember all the specifics (it was about a month ago when steve and i whiteboarded it)
    so, our preference is to make 1.0 upsidedown
    and then immediately release 2.0 which defaults to scorch
    but, i think the issue is, once you have a 2.0, it would be fine if everyone used go modules
    but it becomes more of a pain (forget details here) for people not using go modules
    and the 2 principal companies that have sponsored development of bleve so far, neither of them are using go modules
    so, we obviously want to support go modules (like it or not that is the future)
    but we have to respect those who have already adopted bleve and aren't using it yet
    Marty Schoch
    ah i remember more details now
    bleve packages have internal references to themselves, which after 2.0 would all have to change to a /v2 path
    Aman Gupta
    hmm tricky. what are they using for dependency management? most of the solutions have a way to pin to tags, no?
    Aman Gupta
    ah I guess I didn't realize gomodules forces the v2 path for some reason
    Hello. What's current status of autocomplete support in bleve?
    Marty Schoch
    @vikusku there is no support auto complete in bleve, it would be a nice add-on, but i've become convinced it doesn't necessarily belong inside of the core bleve
    the reason is that good suggestions need to pull from dataset beyond just the term dictionary
    i think you could use the vellum project (also used by bleve) as the datstructure, you'd add things you want to suggest to it, and use the iterator to walk deeper into the vellum as more keystrokes come in
    but, im sure there is a lot more glue work there than i imagine
    and you have to figure out the lifecycle for updating it, when the data behind it changes
    @mschoch thnx for the answer :)

    @mschoch I'm trying to create keyword analyzer for text field mapping but I keep getting an exception "no analyzer with name or type 'keyword' registered". What am I doing wrong?

    indexMapping := bleve.NewIndexMapping()
    documentMapping := bleve.NewDocumentMapping()
    keywordFieldMapping := bleve.NewTextFieldMapping()
    keywordFieldMapping.Analyzer = keyword.Name
    documentMapping.AddFieldMappingsAt("fullVenueName", keywordFieldMapping)
    indexMapping.DefaultMapping = documentMapping

    I was following one of your presentations https://youtu.be/Vhc_1Ta3Mi0?t=1180

    Aman Gupta
    If I use bleve.New on master will that use Scorch?
    Marty Schoch
    @tmm1 no, the default is upsidedown.
    i have items indexed like "texting" "texted" "texts"
    i want do search "text"
    and result this ones
    how it could possible ?
    Marty Schoch
    @volknanebo there are a few different approaches
    typically one might choose to use an analyzer which "stems" words like "texting" "texted" and "texts" all into the single term "text" in the index
    then if you use a MatchQuery for "text" you'll find matches against all 3 of those original terms
    i just checked using this tool: http://analysis.blevesearch.com/analysis
    and if you use the "en" analyzer, it will do what i just described
    Aman Gupta
    i tried converting one of my indexes from leveldb to scorch and the results weren't so good
    i'm using leveldb with snappy for compression, so the scorch index was much bigger
    but there seems to be some sort of performance issue.. i was indexing 500 documents per batch with a total of about 30k documents.. as the index filled up each batch operation took longer and longer
    the first few sets of docs indexed in milliseconds, but towards the end each batch was taking 20s or more to index
    Stanislav Petr
    Hi, my question is about designing index structure... I have documents (files on filesystem) stored in bleve and i need to limit search only to some directory od directory with subdirectories. How to construct the index and query?
    i am new to this and found via search engine
    how to develop a simple search UI with highlighting and easy navigation using blevesearch similar to http://table.branham.org/#/main which has a) type-ahead b) no of matches found c) highlighting the search word d) easy navigation e) search only titles or content
    Ales Najmann

    hello folks, I'm indexing some archive and I'm facing something that I cannot grasp. In the archive I have a record with Author of type string and date of type number (it's year). And I was hoping for having queries that would select records in between interval. But if I use query like:

    +Author:Joe +Date:>=2016

    I end up with 2 results, but >= operator seams to be completely ignored, Joe has entries in 2017, 2018. I don't know exactly what's wrong with it.

    Matt Ouille
    I've seen some links on leveldb and whatnot, but how do I actually get bleve working with something like leveldb?
    Jonas Felix