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Repo info
    Gerard Webb
    Because beer search expects a FS, i will be using the golang FS wrapper that compiles to WASM and normal GO.
    Marty Schoch
    @gedw99 in general I try to keep the examples focused on the bleve/bluge aspects of the application. No matter which JS library we choose, or even choosing to go without one, it still gets in the way when we build web-based examples. Using a Go UI library may help some because the code is in Go, but it still hurts because it isn't how most apps would actually be built (today). So, for now I encourage you to build this if it is of interest to you, but I cannot say whether or not it would be accepted upstream. When you have something working that we can look at/use, please share it here again.
    6 replies
    Scott Cotton
    Hi, I am wondering if there is an easy way to selectively index : for example to provide a database of words not to index at index creation time in order to speed it up and focus it on specific application needs. I can code it if need be, but would be interested in some pointers...
    Marty Schoch
    @wsc0 custom words not to index is already supported, it is called a stop word token filter
    Marty Schoch
    Hey Everyone, at the end of August I will be stepping back from the Bleve project. I am not sure if any of the core developers will monitor conversations here, consider the Gophers slack if you need assistance: https://groups.google.com/g/bleve/c/jghqnwh_VjQ/m/766ZGYqSAQAJ
    Panagiotis Koursaris
    Hi Marty, thank you for letting us know. What about bluge ?
    Marty Schoch
    @panakour I'd like to see Bluge continue, but it will require a group of interested people to make that happen. I hope to share more news about that soon.
    Johann Tanzer
    I am interested.
    Panagiotis Koursaris
    I am also interested, but I don't know how the core of bluge is working and generally the algorithms you need to develop/maintenance an indexing library
    James Mills
    Hey all 👋 Wondering how I go about indexing social-media style #hashtag(s) and being do interesting things with them. Is this within bleve's scope?
    Is this what's called a Facet?
    James Mills
    Not sure how long I should hang around for a response 🤔
    1 reply
    Gerard Webb
    Did you see beer search Demo ? Cause there you can understand what a facet is
    For beer the facets are alcohol %
    brewery name
    so facets are things that are common to the data your indexing.
    Does this help ?
    Look here and it wil be obvious: https://github.com/blugelabs/beer-search
    Facets are on the right of the image
    In the GUi they are called Filters.
    which is a good name for them
    Mike Dalrymple
    I see there's some interest in using S3 as a storage layer but I'm wondering if anyone has tried using EFS with Lambda? I'm trying to implement a "serverless" search service using Lambda and I think it might be possible with Bluge as it can have multiple processes accessing the same file. I'll give it a go with the beer-search demo that @gedw99 linked to and report back.
    Gerard Webb
    Hey @mousedownmike Interesting. Actually i am planning to do a similar thing with bluge, except store the data on the File system for Dekstop and Mobile, and the indexeddb for Browser. SO if you have the s3 prototype somewhere let me know... Will be possible from your work to also get it to work for the things i outlined
    Mike Dalrymple
    @gedw99 I don't think I'll be getting to this until the end of the year. I'll check back in if I get it going. For clarity, my plan is to use EFS instead of S3 since it has some NFS characteristics and provides a direct integration with Lambda.

    Has someone here used Bleve for personalized results ?

    We're using Bleve to power the main search for our application. And I don't want to just rely on scores from "text match". Is it possible to plug in external scores ?

    Anuj Kumar

    Hi all, I have a set of ~70 docs that I am indexing with Bleve (which is using the boltdb store by default). Indexing step works fine but when I do index.Open(indexPath), it takes forever and never returns anything.

    Indexing and search operations are happening at two different times.

    2 replies
    Minoru Osuka
    @gedw99 If you are interested in storing indexes on object storage, please try this project.
    anshul goyal
    how can run an includes like query on a field like a search term "28 day" match "Recharge again in 28 days" and I don't want to match "my game is on third day"?
    Catalin Stratu
    Hi, I would like to contribute to this Open Source project, where can I find the issues list where improvements are needed? Thank you!
    3 replies
    Francesc Gil


    I have a quick question regarding the initialization/use of the bleve.Index. From the docs I see I can create it using the bleve.New or open it with bleve.Open (and others too). My question is if I should use this similar to a database/sql.DB, which can be reused and stored as it has a pool of connections and it's thread safe, or I should use the bleve.Open each time I want to do an operation and only the bleve.New to create the index?

    Thanks you!

    Sadly it is not like a DB. Only one bleve connection can be live at any time, and has to exclusively own the Index.
    Hi All, I'm trying out some of the geolocation features. If I understand correctly, I just need a pair of fields "lat" and "lon" or a string with two floats separated by a comma. I've been trying to do that in conjunction with a NewGeoDistanceQuery() and it doesn't seem to ever yield any results. Do I need to migrate to the new geojson stuff for this to work?
    any expirience on horizontal scaling, we are investigating belve and would like to know if there are any docs attempts describing horizontal scaling
    Refaktor Labs
    Hi ... I am sorry for the noob question. I am working on a interpreted language in Go, and am trying to make bindings with your great bleve library. I made just a simple example first and it works nicely, but I can't seem to find where the original data of found items can be retrieved from. I combed through SearchResult structure but no luck. I tried to understand the bleve-explorer code but no luck. .Fragmenst and .Fields seem to be empty in my case. I also suspect that maybe I setup the index wrongly so it isn't stored at all. In this example I just created a NewIndexMapping and tried indexed some text and also a JSON { "body" : "some text" } like in the bleve-explorer video, but I couldn't get this. I also compiled the bleve commandline tool and it shows me no fields (except "_id" "" and "_all").
    If I use the bleve cmd query and flag --highlight it still doesn't show me my content, so I suspect I setup the index wrong and original data is really not stored.
    In the bleve-explorer the author creates a default index mapping and then indexes a json, that is then returned. What would be the process of creating this default index mapping? Maybe I am missing a step ...
    Refaktor Labs
    Sorry for the confusing question above. I found the solution. Thanks for making Bleve!
    Hi Folk! I'm missing something in using bleve's index. the result of the query I get is an object of type search.DocumentMatch that actually contains the result of the search. strangely, however, the fields are empty, more precisely the resulting is a map[string]interface{}=nil. If I run the same search using bleve's cli (and not the Go library) I am able to display all the Fields.
    Rahul Shewale
    hi team, i am new in Bleve serach index,
    can any one tell about , how we can use GCP storage for blevesearch?