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  • May 20 2016 13:04
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    Fix Piwik code (compare)

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    bogdan-kulynych on master

    Add Piwik web analytics code (compare)

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  • Nov 11 2014 18:53
    bogdan-kulynych commented #24
  • Nov 06 2014 19:48

    bogdan-kulynych on master

    Clarify that the repo is a stub (compare)

  • Nov 03 2014 00:46

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    Update README.md (compare)

  • Nov 02 2014 22:06
    kdungs opened #24
  • Nov 02 2014 18:46
    OmeGak closed #10
  • Nov 02 2014 18:46
    OmeGak commented #10
Alejandro Avilés
we also restructured the teams in the GitHub organization
we don’t have a core team anymore, so we enforce the pull-request style for contributing
Who is planning to attend possible Blindstore professional video shoot at 9th Dec. ?
Tommaso Papini
I'm going back to Italy (for good) on december the 2nd, so I have to think about it...
Oliver Keller
As I said in the Hackathon, I'd like to support this project. I believe it could be interesting to point people like Jacob Applebaum to this early on. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNsePZj_Yks)
Alejandro Avilés
Hi Oliver
we’ll surely need to get people that vouch for the credibility of the project
it’s only that we have to play our cards
I think it’s better to have something solid before reaching out for important people on the field
that’s only my personal view, what do you guys think?
Alejandro Avilés
I just wanted to discuss quickly a few organizationals matters that arised after the previous hackathon
A lot of ideas and documentation was writen down as well
I’d like we decide before more time passes on how we are going to archive and curate all this effort
I’ve already proposed it a few times, but I think http://gitbook.io would be an excellent platform to aggregate the most theoretical documentation
in order to keep the project website as minimal and clear as possible
Then, https://readthedocs.org/ for the technical documentation about how to use the tool
Alejandro Avilés
I didn’t follow very closely what Cristoph and Danielle did, do you @blipp / @bogdan-kulynych / @tommy39 if we can start using what they produced?
Discussing again about the mailing list
Alejandro Avilés
This message was deleted
I would say we create a Google Group for when we have the need, since many people will prefer it to keep up to date
Alejandro Avilés
So, summarizing. What do you think of this?
  • GitBook for theretical docs
  • ReadTheDocs for tecnical docs
  • GitHub issues as a tecnical forum as well
  • Gitter for quick chit chat
  • Google Groups as a mailing list for when we have the need for some other discussion
  • Project website as the main hub that showcase what we aim for, where we are at, and a hub that links to all the other sites and communication channels
if you give me green light I’ll communicate it to the mailing list of the hackathon and we abandon it for brighter shores (Google Groups :P)
and I create the accounts
I’ll be waiting for your feedback guyz
Bogdan Kulynych
Daniele wrote the technical description which is now online on blindstore.github.io
For Cristophe, I'm not sure, will ask him on email
I'm totally fine with Google groups
Benjamin Lipp
  • +1 for a Google Group, we absolutely need a mailing list. Let's call it blindstore ;) And invite everyone from the Webfest as well.
  • +1 for GitBook.
  • +1 for ReadTheDocs. I think it is good to have the documentation of the software and the general documentation separated, as people might want to read only one of them, because they are only interested in the software or the principle
  • +1 for GitHub issues.
  • +1 for Gitter, this is really flexible, as IRC people still can use their existing infrastructure, like bouncers
  • +1 for how you describe the project website
Christophe worked on a part of the “theoretical documentation”, he uploaded it to the SharePoint: the use cases, the attacks, a malicious Blindstore server could carry out (I am not sure if he really wrote this down, if not, it should be done, because these were really important thoughts).
Benjamin Lipp
Another thing concerning GitHub issues: I was investigating how we can make them more comfortable. I was recommended to have a look at tools like Trello, https://www.zenhub.io/ and Asana. They provide a better overview on issues and integrate more or less with GitHub issues. Asana somehow doesn't look like the right thing as it does more than issues, and zenhub.io is only for Google Chrome right now. But I really want to try out Trello. Maybe this makes it easier to navigate through issues. As it completely integrates with GitHub, it's no problem to try and if it's not what we need, we can just drop it without loosing data. So, as far as I see it, this could just be a nicer view on the issues. I think I'll create an account an try how it works. What do you think?
Alejandro Avilés
Zenhub looks amazing!
We have been using Asana at work for some time, but since we moved the issues to GitHub we are barely using it
In our case, I don't know if we need to overcomplicate the task management
Are really milestones and labels not enough for us?
Alejandro Avilés
I'd go for Zenhub, if any, as it doesn't get in the way and is completely optional
Tommaso Papini
but only for chrome apparently...
for the rest, I'm not really familiar with GitBook or ReadTheDocs, but I ok with everything else
Alejandro Avilés
google group set up: blindstore@googlegroups.com
Alejandro Avilés
Alejandro Avilés
Benjamin Lipp
Yeah, I just got to know it two hours ago, I am still very surprised!
Alejandro Avilés
Check this out as well
A kind of hackathon
Benjamin Lipp
this is awesome, if I had time, I would apply
maybe next time :)
I'll put it on my list.
thanks for the link!