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  • May 20 2016 13:04
    carlosaguilarmelchor opened #30
  • Dec 01 2014 21:34

    bogdan-kulynych on master

    Fix Piwik code (compare)

  • Dec 01 2014 21:29

    bogdan-kulynych on master

    Add Piwik web analytics code (compare)

  • Nov 17 2014 23:04
    blipp commented #26
  • Nov 17 2014 19:56
    OmeGak commented #29
  • Nov 17 2014 19:55
    OmeGak assigned #28
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  • Nov 15 2014 18:53
    blipp opened #29
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    blipp opened #28
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    blipp opened #27
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  • Nov 11 2014 18:53
    bogdan-kulynych commented #24
  • Nov 06 2014 19:48

    bogdan-kulynych on master

    Clarify that the repo is a stub (compare)

  • Nov 03 2014 00:46

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    Update README.md (compare)

  • Nov 02 2014 22:06
    kdungs opened #24
  • Nov 02 2014 18:46
    OmeGak closed #10
  • Nov 02 2014 18:46
    OmeGak commented #10
Alejandro Avilés
Check this out as well
A kind of hackathon
Benjamin Lipp
this is awesome, if I had time, I would apply
maybe next time :)
I'll put it on my list.
thanks for the link!
Bogdan Kulynych
Yeah, I applied for Winter of Code
Anastasis Andronidis
Benjamin Lipp
Anastasis Andronidis
FYI* not FTI :P and hf is very intresting topic. When i was writting the first c++ code i was looking into the random functions of gmp and the developers were saying that it is not good for crypto. Maybe this can be handy
Bogdan Kulynych
Yay for Beni presenting Blindstore at CCC like a boss.
Alejandro Avilés
great presentation Beni!
you did a wonderful job there!
did anybody follow up with you in the event?
Benjamin Lipp
Thanks Bogdan and Ome! I talked about it with a lot of friends I met there, but from others, I got only one question about a detail of the PIR scheme directly after the talk.
NSA spying on what people check on Wikipedia
So bad. It really disturbs me.
Hey! I just mentioned Blindstore on an Australian mailing list in a thread about projects emerging from hackathons. Hope all's well in Geneva or wherever folk are now :)
Bogdan Kulynych
Hey, Cobi! Cool. This is the latest progress: https://github.com/bogdan-kulynych/libshe
In theory, this risk can be mitigated through Private Information Retrieval. However, my understanding (based upon talking to a few researchers who are infinitely smarter than I) is that deploying this for anything like Web caching — with tight bounds on performance and bandwidth use — is impractical for the foreseeable future. If you know differently, I’d love to hear about it.
It seems Google is gonna invest big money on this messaging app
it seems it's being used as the de facto messaging app for stock-market related stuff
and that tab shows that one of the features is to safely share financial data
I think it's a nice use case in which Blindstore would reinforce privacy, so that Symphony couldn't extrapolate which data is being retrieved