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Repo info
    Izaak "Zaak" Beekman
    is it possible to use this with other s3 type storage, other than Amazon (i.e. ceph based) like you can with s3cmd?
    Rob Kearey
    I'd like to know this myself.
    Is anyone working on cd pwd commands?
    Elad Nava
    Hey everyone! s4cmd looks really cool, I love how fast the s4cmd du command scales with huge buckets. Well done!
    I did notice that s4cmd sync s3://... /local/directory actually re-downloads files that are already present in the local destination directory -- any way to prevent that?
    Ivan Aracki
    how can I list all directories in some directory?
    Adrian Petrescu
    @chouhanyang Is there anything I can do to help push #76 along?
    Adrian Petrescu
    Er, that should be bloomreach/s4cmd#76 of course, not sure why the link failed considering that it was autocompleted for me, lol...
    Adrian Petrescu
    John Wachowski
    Is there a way to use s4cmd on a non amazon endpoint? It works fine with s3cmd, but using s4cmd I'm guessing it's assuming AWS instead of local object store.
    Parth Sutaria
    hi! I can't tell if s4cmd encrypts data. It says use-ssl is obsolete. I tried to google it. can anyone help out please
    Andrew Madsen
    Did we ever get an answer to the question about using s4cmd with other s3 type storage?