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May 2016
Matt Richardson
May 20 2016 17:21
Just pushed a (very rough and ready) first draft of filtering on the 'view resultant variables' page
If you've got a bit of time, feel free to take a look
Needs a bit of work in refactoring, and i still missing channels
Suggestions welcome!
David Roberts
May 20 2016 17:28
Will do. FYI I'm looking at as a possible option to run browser tests. I still need to look into DSC and Azure templates for starting up diff versions of Octo for it.
Need to open source the stuff I'm working on at work at the moment
It's an updated version of
Hmmm... The gitter
Client for iPhone is a little flakey.
David Roberts
May 20 2016 18:37
Ooh looks interesting, thanks for sharing.