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Jun 2016
David Roberts
Jun 16 2016 20:26
Okay, decent progress on the devtest lab vm. I have a VSTS build (prototype) that creates the VM with two artifacts that install octopus and then restore a database copy. That part works, small bit is getting Octopus Deploy to start after the DB restore. The service isn't starting in a timely manner. Going to check on that. Once I get this going reliably I'll figure out a way to get the github repository to hook into VSTS to initiate the 'Browser Test' build.
I'm also trying to figure out how to make an 'organization' in VSTS like done on github. Right now all the Azure stuff is happening in my 'davidroberts63' account. I want to separate that and then add you to it.
Matt Richardson
Jun 16 2016 21:01
Hmmm... I wonder if its worth thinking about tying it into the AppVeyor build...
(keep it all in the same spot and all that)
Did you see for installing octopus from scratch? Thats where I got my "inspiration" from :)
Which database version are you using?
and which app version are you using?
there was an issue with one of the "fix channel corruption" migration scripts that would delay startup...
but then again, as I think about it, that was slow start up, not slow service startup.
Are you using ARM to create the VM?
David Roberts
Jun 16 2016 22:58
Yeah. An arm template in a private cats git repo. With some of there password I don't want it out for everyone. There used likely a way to secure it, just haven't got to that.
David Roberts
Jun 16 2016 23:29
This is just for the chrome extension right now. That is on Travis. The server side (aka deep sea) is on app veyor. But now that you mention it putting the chrome extension on app veyor would make sense to keep both in the same spot.