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Aug 2016
Matt Richardson
Aug 09 2016 11:29
Morning @davidroberts63
Whats the latest status of the browser testing?
I see there's lots of stuff happening on the BrowserTesting branch
David Roberts
Aug 09 2016 12:55
Yeah, it's functioning. I need to change the test result reporting to include the version of octopus that was used. I still want to see how it handles occasional times when the VM doesn't respond quickly, to avoid false positives. I'll submit it as PR this week if you'd like to look it over.
It's not going to act exactly as I want it to, but it'll be good enough for now. It has taken longer than I anticipated, between that and family in town for the last week or so, didn't get as much done as I hoped. But I take it as a nice break.
How's your start at Octopus going?