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Aug 2016
Matt Richardson
Aug 10 2016 10:48
Cool - will be good to see how it works and have a go at fleshing out some of the other tests.
Will be nice to have a 2.6/3.0/3.1/3.2 as well (eventually)
though that might get expensive...
the number of versions to test gets big quickly :(
especially with relatively large ui changes happening as point releases (eg dashboard)
are the individual versions running on the same box?
hows the vm created?
Octopus is going well - working on some good fun stuff
Crazy smart people :)
David Roberts
Aug 10 2016 13:18
Each version is on its own VM. Just 3.3 & 3.4 for now. I'll get an average cost eventually.
But right now bumping against more node async issues in the testing. If it fails the rest of the driver commands still try to execute thus causing the test result to not output. Frustrating.
David Roberts
Aug 10 2016 19:42
In reference to #67 . It only dawns on me now that Bluefin could be a way to port some changes to older versions.