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Jun 2016
Dario Izzo
Jun 05 2016 17:27
@CoolRunning I made my first quick review of the hypervolume stuff ... minor stuff you can read it in the page ( Probably the biggest one is that the code use a lot of functors to sort stuff, but this is not needed if you use lambdas which can make the whole code much shorter ...
Dario Izzo
Jun 05 2016 17:32
Other things are:
  • for loop are, when possible, of the shape (decltype(n) i = 0u; i < n; ++i) and variants. The use of explicit unsigned int is deprecated :)
  • fabs and functions are all std::abs, std::log, std::sin etc.
  • Constants, when unsigned must be 1u, 2u, 3u etc., not 1,2,3
Francesco Biscani
Jun 05 2016 19:01
why oh why are documentation tools so fucking shit
I was looking forward to use breathe for documenting piranha but the C++ is too hard apparently
can't believe it's not possible to solve this adequately, I've been waiting for fucking years
doxygen looks like dogshit, sphinx still has no official C++ support
holy fucking balls this doxygen almost looks nice
che palle
just a fucking collection of dogshit half-assed projects, all almost there, none fully satisfactory
Marcus Märtens
Jun 05 2016 21:07
Ah, thanks for the comments - I will see that I fix a couple of these issues this week.
Dario Izzo
Jun 05 2016 22:05
"designed to make template metaprogramming enjoyable"
I though you already enjoyed it
Francesco Biscani
Jun 05 2016 22:13
there's very few things I find enjoyable these days programming wise