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Nov 2017
Nov 02 2017 01:21

Hello @bluescarni! I've been following Piranha for a while. You may have noticed my submissions to /r/cpp around Piranha.

Just wanted to let you know, there's a new subreddit dedicated to computer algebra libraries in general purpose programming languages:

Feel free to share Piranha related news there. :-)

Francesco Biscani
Nov 02 2017 10:43
Thanks a lot for the pointer, I will certainly do that :)

@/all I have been working mostly on mp++ in the last few months

This is project consists of the multiprecision classes available in piranha (multiprecision integer, rational, and real, plus quad precision real), cleaned up, extended and made available for other projects to use

I am almost finished with the first phase of mp++. In a couple of weeks the real class will be finished, and I'll switch back to piranha development then. piranha will start depending on mp++ soon
Francesco Biscani
Nov 02 2017 10:53
@dharmatech thanks for the reddit posts as well :)