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Jul 2015
Suminda Dharmasena
Jul 02 2015 08:23
How about some abstraction like Schema which is a collection of channels.
Also even with Journal can be abstract which need not map one to one with the file system
If you must you create multiple files behind the scene
BTW, have you seen
Jul 02 2015 19:29
NFSdb looks great! I’m not clear on indexing though. How would I produce a timestamp ordered read after writing unordered? Does query include a sort order?
Vlad Ilyushchenko
Jul 02 2015 20:06
Thanks, its not quite finished yet. If you can insert in batches there is JournalWriter.mergeAppend(List) to merge ordered List with ordered journal.
Once query language is complete you'd be able to do "select * from x order by timestamp"
Vlad Ilyushchenko
Jul 02 2015 20:13
@sirinath i tried to make an abstraction out of Journal with pure in-memory storage, but it is a lot of work mainly because you cannot have overlapped memory in java. So it is a major restructuring. I think whats crying now is tool set for data access, which is where my focus is.