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    I figured out everything, thanks for the help team
    Hi guys, is there any limitation of the API usage? I am saving data pretty frequently, after couple times it start to response the timeout.
    Christopher Igbojekwe
    I am getting this error "UUID does not exist in the Bluzelle swarm"
    but on http://studio.bluzelle.com/ its exists. Can i get some assistance here?
    Yeah same error when reading
    Joel Yarde
    Just started playing with Bluzelle for the first time in months. First, Studio is a great quick start tool. Second, I love the ability to have multiple 'writers' and key/value automatic expiration.
    Good morning everyone
    @WillXing There are no API limitations on testnet, but I would like to understand your use-case more if you are getting timeouts. Could you post some more information (e.g. the error given for the timeout, the amount of time, how much data you're saving and how often)?
    @Christopher-I Are you still running into this issue? If so and you've ensured you're using the same key pair, I would like to verify that you're using the default UUID (Bluzelle Studio shows this on the top left, and should match your public key).
    @jcyinnovations Thanks for the feedback!
    <Sameroom> I've connected 1 new room _#bluzelle_lobby (Bluzelle)_ on Slack. See map
    Neeraj Murarka
    Hello everyone.
    hi njmurarka, how are things?
    when is the next release due? :)
    and what features can we expect?
    happy to take a link if it's been posted
    Anyone still here?
    Hi @BotchM how are you?
    hey where did everyone go
    Bluzelle have any product for Customer like me ? no for the developer
    No API limitations on Testnet, but will there be on the mainnet?
    [Neeraj Murarka, Bluzelle] Mainnet will be a paid-for model where developers pay to use the product, much like paying for a database on AWS. So, limited by whatever you are willing and able to pay for.
    Any idea on the prices?
    Will they be comparable to AWS?
    Hi, came here from Reddit to ask why I should use the mainnet (when released, I understand it's not yet) over AWS? I'm a proponent of blockchain tech so if it's comparable service + price wise I'd make the switch, but that's just me. Many would need a special edge.
    i need it for demo??
    Monty Thibault
    Hi @BotchM, http://studio.bluzelle.com/ is up and working, but you must connect to the Tata testnet..
    Thanks monty
    Mike Jackson
    How do I gen my private key on studio?
    Nvm... figured it out
    The docs have it all laid out ;)
    Mike Jackson
    Yup found it thanks
    UUID does not exist in the Bluzelle swarm...
    You have to contact us to receive your unique key pair and replace the private_pem and public_pem in the code sample given.
    Who should I be contacting for this? From the above link.
    That Shieldshock Guy
    @Samiam999 Probably Neeraj
    Royale Xavier
    I haven't been back here in months since I first heard about bluzelle
    Is 0.6.530 still the latest build for the testnet?
    thio fan wei
    @King_of_Enigmaz_twitter What Node version are you running?
    Royale Xavier
    thio fan wei
    Go to studio.bluzelle.com
    From The Land
    December 3, 2019 — BLZ to BNT Token Bridge
    Did this take place yet?
    FYI I am in Ireland and studio.bluzelle.com is loading really slowly on my phone and PC
    LY Cheng
    Hi, I want to use studio.bluzelle.com but got this error
    Returned error: legacy access request rate exceeded
    anyone could help me?
    [Neeraj Murarka, Bluzelle] We are doing some revamping of the testnet so studio.bluzelle.com will be down right now. I'd suggest using a private testnet of your own for the time being if necessary.
    Pedro Ortiz
    When will the revamping be complete? @neeraj
    Cynthia Simmons
    Hi all
    Soon I hope
    [Neeraj Murarka, Bluzelle] We are hoping to have an updated Bluzelle Studio back up and running with a new testnet by early Feb -- a tentative estimate. In the meantime, I would highly suggest using a private testnet with the older Bluzelle Studio. It works very well and can be setup easily as per the Github repo.
    Jenny Bryant
    Thanks doing that now