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Repo info
    Jakub Szuppe
    @capitalknew In some cases Boost libraries can be replaced with STL if you use C++11, more if you use C++17, but for some there are no alternatives . You would have to cherry-pick required Boost libs by hand.
    Stefan Seefeld
    Hi there. I'm trying to reproduce a build setup (following .travis.yml involving the AMD SDK). The .travis/amd_sdk.sh script doesn't work for me (the AMD website sends a html page back, rather than the package). That's apparently expected (see https://github.com/gregvw/amd_sdk/blob/master/README.md). However, the Boost.Compute travis builds work just fine. What's the trick ? :-)
    Anton Myagkov
    Hello! Will you add this fix to boost 1.68? boostorg/compute#780
    Jakub Szuppe
    @u-s it's merged into master
    I am a New Member to boost. Really Like The Product and Want to contribute
    sahaj jain
    i am sahaj i am new to boost somebody please guide me how to contribute to this organisation
    Jakub Szuppe
    Hi, I'd recommend checking out libraries in the Boost. Find what you'd like to work on. Maybe later read about issues/bugs/requested features and trying to fix/implement them. You can also ask their maintainers if they need help with something, or what's a good place/issue to start with.
    I'd suggest checking the libraries that tracks theirs issues on GitHub first, as it's easier to see if and what help is needed.
    sahaj jain
    Okay thanks
    Hello I am a New Contributer to the Boost Library and want to contribute more and Participate in GSOC With Boost.
    Gleb Popov
    hello, just asking if this is the right room to discuss boos.Multiprecision proposed project
    Vishwajit Singh
    i am new here can anyone help me from where to start
    Shashank Mishra
    Hi,my name is Shashank Mishra,I am interested in boost.multiprecision proposed project. I have
    been doing competitive coding in C++ for last three years.I like proposed points in this project and would like to contribute.
    Hi , i am new here and want to contribute . Can anyone tell me from where to start.
    Hii, I am Manish and want to contribute , can anyone tell me from where to start?
    Himanshu Saini
    Hi,I am new to boost and want to contribute,can someone please tell where to start from?
    Sourov Roy
    Hi. Sorry for interrupting. My name is Sourov Roy. Can you guys please tell me if there is any chat room for boost.multiprecision?
    Hi, My name is Mohamed I am new to boost and want to contribute,can someone please tell where to start from?
    Hello, i am zain , i want to contribute , can someone help me how to start ?
    this is room for Multiprecision library project, am I right?
    Shishu Singh(Skingh)
    Hello everyone!!
    Shishu Singh(Skingh)
    I'm an open source enthusiast, and after doing a lot of research about various organizations I found boost a perfect match for me, and I would like to contribute on this platform. I'm an engineering undergrad from India.
    Hi, I'm curious to contribute to this open source can you help me ways to get started with this organization
    hello everyone , my name is Priyanka, I am 2 year B.tech student . I am new to Boost ,I want to contribute in it .....would anyone please tell me where to start. please anyone guide me.
    Hello new guys this library is relatively advanced and a little hard for new comers. It requires u to know a little advanced programming techniques in c++ like template programming and opencl.
    That being said if u already know above stuff its okay. If u are a new comer then try following the guidelines and docs. And tinker with it. I presume u want to get into gpgpu programming without dealing with the hardships of OpenCL. For me it was the reason to look into boost compute.
    After using the compute wrapper library in ur project , then may be try checking issues in github .Already there are a lot issues in the github. But remember if u want to contribute to this library u have to learn opencl and other advanced c++ stuff.
    I am also a new to this. I am a 2nd year btech student. My reason for looking into boost compute is obviously for easy gpgpu programming. I thought of using CUDA which is pretty good and relatively easy compared to opencl but i do not have a cuda device. So i was looking for wrapper library around opencl to start including gpu acceleration into my projects. I finally ended up here. I am tinkering my projects using this lib for the past 6 months. All i could say is its easy to use but a liitle advanced to contribute code to the project itself.
    Nishant Nandan
    To all the students,
    If You want to know about the latest Upcoming Scholarship and Sponsorship for students in 2021 then Join this Telegram channel
    Hii Everyone! I'm a first year B.Tech Electronics and communication engineering student. I would like to start contributing to Boost C++ libraries as I highly intereseted in Coding as well as development and also want to participate in GSoC 2021 under this Organisation. Will somebody help me?
    Sanjiban Sengupta
    Hello everyone!
    This is Sanjiban Sengupta, a Junior undergrad from IIIT Bhubaneswar, pursuing Computer Engineering. I have working and practical experience working in C,C++, Python, etc. with knowledge of mathematical concepts like Calculus, Linear Algebra, Stats, Prob. etc. I am interested in contributing to Boost and apply for GSoC. Will be highly grateful for guidance on beginning processes in contributing to Boost.
    Ali Hussain Khan
    Hello everyone,
    This is Ali Hussain Khan, 4th year undergrad from Jadavpur University in computer science engineering. I have experience in working with c, c++, python. I would like to contribute and add value to Boost. Can anyone help me get started
    Saurav Dhar
    hello everyone, I am Saurav Dhar ,a junior undergrad from Chandigarh University pursuing B.E in computer science , I am currently a 3* coder in codechef. And now I want to get in open source . I will be really thankful if someone can suggest me on how to get started with it?
    Mohsin Mehmood
    Hello everyone,
    This is Mohsin Mahmood .2nd year undergraduate student from Capital University in computer science. I have extensive experience in working with C++ and STL library and also in python.I want to start contributing Can anyone help me to get started.
    Hello everyone,
    This is Pankaj Goyal,2nd year undergraduate from NIT Warangal.I am currently 4*coder in codechef and 1450+ in codeforces and a good rating in other platforms too. I have good skills of competitive programming in
    c++,and I am beginner in python and java and I have a good knowledge of web development . but now i want to get in open source and I want to start contribute . Can anyone help me to get started .
    Udara Lakshitha
    Hi! I am Udara Lakshitha from Sri Lanka. I am studying at Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa. I have good knowledge in c++, java, c, python, and sql. Please can anyone help me to get start?
    Hi there, I'm Stafan, an IT sophomore at NITK Surathkal. I use c++ primarily and I have beginner dev experience. Would love to start contributing and am looking for any pointers to help me get started.
    @stafansanthosh hello 👋. Seems like u want to contribute to this repo. Great 👍. Why don't start reading some of the already existing issues.🙂 .
    1 reply
    Hi I am Saptarshi Bhowmik, I am a grad student in Florida State University. I use c++ and python3. I want to contribute to this repo. Please let meknow where to start from. I am new to opensource, please let me know how can I contribute.
    Nivedita Shukla
    Hi, I'm Nivedita Shukla, a second-year undergrad student at IIT Delhi. I have worked primarily in C++. I'm a complete newbie to open-source projects. To gain hands-on experience I want to contribute to this organization in some form. Any guidance will be helpful.