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Jun 2015
Manu Sánchez
Jun 26 2015 19:04
Hi Louis, it's too late to send a formal review right?
Louis Dionne
Jun 26 2015 19:33
Technically, yes because the review was until June 24. However, I think Glen (my review manager) would have the right to still consider your review.
Manu Sánchez
Jun 26 2015 21:02
Ok I will try to have a review ready for tomorrow afternoon if possible. I'm sad I could not follow hana's formal review as I would have liked to. Anyway, I will be glad to collaborate on Hana during my free time as long as my help has some value for the lib . Tmp posts and experiments are fun, but Hana is much more useful than whatever project may raise from these. Also I have th