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Nov 2015
Jason Rice
Nov 20 2015 22:20
@ldionne fwiw, I ended up using a map of types to types to generate a map of those keys to indices and then a tuple for storage.
Jason Rice
Nov 20 2015 22:25
The docs website appears to lack information on operators that are used in examples. I can grep -r 'operator|' easily enough to find it in details/operators/monad.hpp, but it would be nice to be able to search for them on the website. (Is it safe to use these?)
I can make an issue if you think that is appropriate.
Jason Rice
Nov 20 2015 23:01
not a big deal btw
Louis Dionne
Nov 20 2015 23:47
@ricejasonf Yes, please make an issue. Thanks for bringing this up.