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Jan 2016
Maik Klein
Jan 15 2016 12:11
Is it possible to get compile time timers for code blocks?
//some code
No idea how I should profile my code. I have a function that takes up 2 sec and I compile it several times :(.
Maik Klein
Jan 15 2016 12:23
Actually I don't think the thing I am trying to do is feasible in C++ at all, which makes me quite sad.
Barrett Adair
Jan 15 2016 12:27
Not without compiler hooks
Louis Dionne
Jan 15 2016 14:08
@MaikKlein No, that’s impossible. You have to try and isolate what is taking up compile-time, and then fix this.
Basically, just reduce the example until you have a small amount of code that shows the 2s compile-time.