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Jan 2016
Jason Rice
Jan 23 2016 19:59
You know it's going to be a glorious day when template template argument has different template parameters than its corresponding template template parameter. :P
Jason Rice
Jan 23 2016 20:27
I think I'm getting pretty close with the hash map thing. I put a tuple back in the map and the buckets now contain indices of the elements in the tuple.
so bucket<TypeHash, i...>, struct::hash_table : Bucket..., and struct map : build_map_hash_table<Pair...>::type
but for some reason...
/usr/local/src/hana/include/boost/hana/detail/hash_table.hpp:41:5: note: candidate template ignored: could not match 'bucket' against 'map'
    bucket_get(detail::bucket<TypeHash, i...> const&, Storage const& storage, Key const& key) {
Jason Rice
Jan 23 2016 21:59
nm was missing ::type