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Feb 2017
Scott Santucci
Feb 22 2017 00:47
Still would be better with a runtime-usable, compile-time-populated, dynamic-allocation-free hash map (or similarly used keyed data structure), but it's going to take me longer to learn how to build that, heh.
(There's also probably some simplifications or general improvements I can make; will keep learning and refining.)
By the way, ldionne, in case I haven't said it already, Hana is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in C++. Great work! :clap:
Jason Rice
Feb 22 2017 01:01
Cool. I didn't check to see if it made a difference, but both build_array and uniform_accessors can be marked constexpr.
Scott Santucci
Feb 22 2017 01:33
Good point; thanks. And I could probably get rid of or shorten some of those lengthy/repetitious type specifications somehow too...