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Apr 2017
Louis Dionne
Apr 25 2017 09:18
@shreyans800755 Sorry for the late reply. My Gitter has been closed for a while, and I never restart my computer so it did not reopen automatically. For #211, the hardest part is to find a proper name for the algorithm. After that, the implementation can be lifted from
I would definitely welcome a PR that closes #211.
Apr 25 2017 20:54
No prob. What's wrong with name equal ?
And regarding implementing other set-theoretic functions for map, I guess only intersection and difference are the ones not implemented for map. Its easy to do it for map, but I doubt if there's any requirement or use-case for that.
Jason Rice
Apr 25 2017 21:04
Yeah, #211 does look like it is just talking about implementing hana::equal for hana::Iterable