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Apr 2017
Did not pass as-is, but is being discussed.
Jason Rice
Apr 28 2017 18:05
Do these papers ever have documented feedback?
It would be interesting to see why something is rejected.
Andreas Pokorny
Apr 28 2017 19:48
@ldionne hi, I saw that you wrote a paper about using the literal operator template for strings.. what was the reaction to that?
Louis Dionne
Apr 28 2017 22:09
@ricejasonf The feedback to papers is private on the Committee wiki. Technically, the papers themselves are supposed to be private to the committee, but WG21 does things differently (fortunately, IMO).
@APokorny This was rejected (again!) because implementers do not want to encourage this kind of compile-time string
Jason Rice
Apr 28 2017 22:12
Is there another kind of compile-time string?
It would be really nice to get rid of the _s at the end if that is even possible.
Louis Dionne
Apr 28 2017 22:58
There’s no other kind of compile-time string for now. It’s just that representing them as parameter packs is not efficient, and they do not want to encourage that (which is understandable but unfortunate since we have several use cases).