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Jun 2018
Andreas Borgen Longva
Jun 08 2018 07:40
Hi everybody. I've just discovered Hana, and I have a very basic question. Say I want to iterate over a finite set of types (defined in some header file) and for each type call some function, is this something that it is natural to use Hana for?
Jason Rice
Jun 08 2018 17:07

Hello, @Andlon, that is definitely a use case for Hana. Check out the functions associated with the Foldable concept.

If you want to call a function that performs side effects, then for_each is a good choice. unpack and fold_left are good for returning something but note that, since unpack works with a variadic function, it performs better at compile-time because it doesn't create many intermediate function calls.

Jason Rice
Jun 08 2018 17:13
There is also an Iterable concept that adds to Foldable.