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Jun 2018
Andreas Borgen Longva
Jun 10 2018 16:39
Thanks for the response, @ricejasonf! That looks like exactly what we need.
My group isn't very keen on Boost, mostly because they don't like managing dependencies on Windows in particular, and I think I'd have a hard time of convincing them to integrate Boost into our projects. Can I use Hana without Boost (I understand this is possible as described in the User Manual) by bundling it in a way that does not require explicit installation?
I.e. can I for example just bundle the header files with the project?
Or even better, since Hana is a CMake project, can I simply include it as a cmake subdirectory?
Jason Rice
Jun 10 2018 16:48
yeah it is standalone, header only. you can use cmake or just copy the contents of the 'include' directory.
Andreas Borgen Longva
Jun 10 2018 17:05
All right, thanks for the clarification! That sounds really great, looking forward to try it out!