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Jun 2018
Van Nevel Mathieu
Jun 16 2018 12:10
Hi guys, I have a question which is not directly for boost hana. I mean, I'm making some research about C++ library documentation, with metaprogramming, concepts and all this kind of stuff. And I didn't find any real answer, except using macros and doxygen. And it looks like it's what you're using. So I was wondering, is that a convenient approach? Or if you had to start another project you will use something else? Thanks :)
Jason Rice
Jun 16 2018 14:34
"standardese" is a wip but worth looking at
Van Nevel Mathieu
Jun 16 2018 16:09
@ricejasonf I searched this one all the afternoon! Thanks ^^
Still if someone have something to say, it's not like I have made up my mind