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Miguel Teixeira
Hi everyone :wave:
I'm using boto3 to upload some to AWS and when looking for Datadog metrics I've noticed that some put_object requests take 10.2s.
My guess is that I'm being throttled by AWS but I can't find any documentation for this behaviour on boto3.
Can someone help me with this topic?
Thanks :pray:
4 replies
Subham Agrawal
Hii, can anyone here help me with #2946
Tammali Pradeep
Where can I find boto3 version wise documentation !!
Thanks in advance
Max Pearl
@TammaliP_twitter is this what you are looking for: https://boto3.amazonaws.com/v1/documentation/api/latest/index.html
Tammali Pradeep
@maxpearl , No.. Not the latest one. What if I want to see boto3 1.10.45 version documentation. How can I get that?. Thanks for your response though !!! :)
Ángel Javier Salazar
Hello everyone, I'm new to this room. Any advice on how to start working with boto3? My current project is creating a bespoke NLP solution using AWS Sagemaker and database to manage and analyse text data using transformers, e.g., BERT, and perform sentiment and semantic analyses and topic modelling. I would also like to be able to visualise the word embeddings and topic clusters using graphical library (e.g., seaborn) and also connect to Tableau or similar. Working on this for the next three months. BTW, I am also open to contract remote work; based in the UK.
Hey folks is there a way to find Hostname of an Windows EC2 instance (which looks something like this EC2AWSZ-) using boto3?
Max Pearl
@TammaliP_twitter Have been away for a while. Try this: https://github.com/boto/boto3/tree/1.10.45/docs/source
Tammali Pradeep
@maxpearl, This is great, But it’s not hosted anywhere. right ?
Max Pearl
@TammaliP_twitter I don't believe so - I think they only have the latest live.
Tammali Pradeep
Thank you @maxpearl :)
Michael Butak

Hello All. New user to boto3. My teammates have a script for updating aws credential (in C:\Users\myname\.aws\credentials) which should enable me to run boto3 scripts locally. However, when I do, I get botocore.exceptions.NoCredentialsError: Unable to locate credentials. I have confirmed that my credentials file is getting updated. Here is the format:

region = us-east-1
aws_access_key_id = KEYDELETED
aws_secret_access_key = randomestringwasherebutisgonenow
aws_session_token = deletedonethousandthreehundredfortysomecharacters
region = us-east-1
aws_access_key_id = KEYDELETED2
aws_secret_access_key = randomestringwasherebutisgonenow2
aws_session_token = deletedonethousandthreehundredfortysomecharacters2

From reading other forums online, I wonder if perhaps I'm not correctly specifying which profile to use? (11111111111-systems-developer and 2222222222-systems-platform above).

Oh and the script I'm running is from a teammate who is supposedly using the same setup.
Michael Butak
Here is the script I'm trying to run when I get that error.
Max Pearl
Your call to Session should read something like boto3.session.Session(profile_name=11111111-systems-developer, region_name=us-east-1)
@mikebutak calls to client include parameters for secret keys, etc. but calls to Session don't.
Hi All, I think I found a bug, but then again, it is the first time I am using this lib, so its also likely I am doing it wrong. I opened an issue here: boto/boto3#3015
Basically comes down to botocore/signers.py:line 724 -> _should_use_global_endpoint always returns True, so it never uses the region I have configured
import boto3

session = boto3.Session(
print(session.region_name) # prints af-south-1
resource = session.resource('s3', region_name='af-south-1')
response = resource.meta.client.generate_presigned_url(
    Params={'Bucket': AWS_STORAGE_BUCKET_NAME, 'Key': TEST_FILE_NAME},
Hi there
I have onedoubt on getting the time with ec2 resource
new to be here
so not sure on how to get help here
I want ot get hte snapshot id of based on time
like a month ago snapshot created...
Im using python boto3.resource(ec2)
I tried with snapshots attribute, and didn't work
which resource can help on ?
Juan Ignacio Sánchez Sampayo
Hi everyone, just published a little helper to grab parameters from ParameterStore without dealing directly with pagination and loading the parameters as evironment variables hope you find it useful: https://pypi.org/project/awstanding/
It depends solely on boto3
Hi there
I would like to have the docs or links for the ec2-describe_snapshots error handler
would be good if someone shares the same
Laurențiu Nicola
Hi! Quick question: I have a script that calls put_object_acl(ACL="bucket-owner-full-control"). I'd also like to make the object public. How can I write that in boto3?
Hi, can anyone guide how custom SMS sender work and how to use it with boto3?
Shyam Sunder VR
Hi All, I am using boto3 on docker and when I try initialising it, I get this error : ec2 = boto3.resource('ec2',aws_access_key_id=settings.aws_access_key_id,aws_secret_access_key=settings.aws_secret_access_key) AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'resource'
AttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'resource' - Any clue on what is causing this ?
Rai Singh
@mayhs19 have you ensured that all of your requirements.txt deps are loaded into your docker image?
COPY requirements.txt requirements.txt
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir -r requirements.txt
John Menke
Has anyone used boto to copy roles from one account to another??? Copying roles and policies via console is tedious process
Michael Butak
Why do I get error when calling the CreateSAMLProvider operation: Could not parse metadata? My code visible here Thanks.
Mahesh Bhatt
Hi Team, i am just curious if there is a way to modify min:max:desired value autoscaling groups using a webui using boto3?
Hello everyone. I need to check the ssm agents status (if it is installed or not) on large number of EC2 instances (Win + Linux) is there any boto3 command that can do this? Thank you
Mahesh Bhatt
Hi team, is there a way to list autoscaling groups that contains specific substring in tag value using boto3? I have trying to use Filters but it doesn't work unless i provide full tag values.
Hello everyone!
I want to make security groups with rules in table structured format (CSV or TSV), so what is the best way to flatten the output of this?
ec2_client = boto3.client("ec2")
paginator = ec2_client.get_paginator("describe_security_groups")
1 reply
Gustavo Costa
@dariushazimi how you solved your “ AttributeError: '_SharedFile' object has no attribute 'writing’” error?
Hi All,
Can we list all the savings plan inventory using boto3 ?
Mahesh Bhatt
Hi Team, i am using boto3 associate_address to assign EIP for ec2 instances under asg, it works most of the time but it throws an error sometime
"errorCode": "Client.InvalidInstanceID",
"errorMessage": "There are multiple interfaces attached to instance 'i-1234xxxxx'. Please specify an interface ID for the operation instead."
I am bit confused that how other instances with multiple eni are getting eip associated. Code that i am using:
result = ec2_client.associate_address(
How would i know which eni i want to associate an EIP if i want to use network interface id instead instance id?