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Repo info
    does boto currently support injection of a small initialization script prior to an instance launch? [cf. such facility in the Ubuntu package ec2-api-tools]
    which does boto reply upon: SOAP or AWS Query ?
    Vadim Bryksin
    Hello guys, can you tell me please what ports I need to open in Security Groups for boto?
    as if I add default group with no restriction it is able to conect to S3, however if I make specific policy it cant connect to S3 from EC2 instance
    Scott Kinney
    boto interacts with aws api so it requires keys with appropriate iam privileges https://github.com/boto/boto#getting-started-with-boto
    Dillon Stadther
    Suppose i have a function which optionally returns a boto.s3.key.Key and other times returns just the string filename associated with that Key. How can i test that a variable is of type <class ‘boto.s3.key.Key’>?
    Kyle Mulka
    @dlstadther should be able to use the built-in isinstance function
    Josh Gwosdz
    hello fellow python coders
    i have some questions regarding boto 2.48
    can i do some continuous async sqs-queue-checking with boto?
    i'm coming from node.js
    i already have twisted in my python project because of another dependency - could i use twisted to "asyncify" boto's sqs client?
    R Williams
    Has anyone used AWS rekognition video, specifically start_content_moderation. Seems has a bug.
    hi i need to know whether any function available for changing the s3 object's encryption type using boto3.
    Nitin Gangasagar
    Hi All
    what does this error mean?
    An error occurred (UnrecognizedClientException) when calling the DetectEntities operation: The security token included in the request is invalid.
    Florian B.
    Anyone here from the botocore team?
    hi, i need to create a function which will check the r53 hosted zones in aws and check the verify if the associated VPC's still exist if not delete hosted zone
    any good resources to look at for this? guessing to use this somewhere in there: response = client.list_vpc_association_authorizations(
    Rushabh Sanghvi
    @nitingang9981 Did you pass the security token for the session when you created the client?
    Felipe Rodriguez
    Hi guys! I have an issue with boto 2.36 where sometimes i get from S3 "InternalError" but with http status 200 OK initially it started a couple of times a day, then it moved to be constantly happening: Not sure if now I need to be using for sure boto3

    Hello all - I am trying to attach a policy to IAM user but I am getting this error-type message

    "Resource": ["arn:aws:s3:::user_name/*"]
    TypeError: 'str' object is not callable

    Any idea about fixing this issue?