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    Sebastian Wierzbicki
    i know that is deprecated but in my company the use bower for frontend extensions, plugins etc.
    And thats why i picked bower
    And i've created this structure becuase i want it to be a standalone theme for my projects.
    I bought inispinia theme. And my theme will be based on it.
    eventually i could create src/inspinia/ instead of src/sass
    Sebastian Wierzbicki
    hmmmm i’ve been thinking… why bower is deprecated? Becuase i think it isnt.
    Thomas Grainger
    @devseba_twitter bower is deprecated. when you npm install bower it says so
    @devseba_twitter don't use bower for new stuff
    Sebastian Wierzbicki
    @graingert ok thanks. I saw it on bower site today :D
    Scott Santucci
    Hey all, we'd like to drop Bower support for Mocha in a new semver-major version (primarily in order to get the built file out of version control without having to set up anything fancy); I see there's an unregister command, but is there a way to drop Bower support for versions >= some number without dropping it for versions < that number?
    Tomáš Dvořák
    Hi can anyone please tell me how the f* can i use yarn instead of bower when yarn does not have anything nearly as good as wiredep ?
    It's a complete mess
    Igor Escalona
    Hello. Bower Is dead?
    Time to update those warnings, folks!
    Aluan Haddad
    This message was deleted
    @pedrosanta I love the stack Blitz online IDE but I don't see how it serves as a package manager for building applications locally. How can I install it for example?
    Bhushan Gadekar
    hey guys... can anyone throw some light on this? bower error status code of git: 128
    does bower affect my firefox browser?
    Thomas Grainger
    @jsoto-machinecode not if you use yarn instead.
    @jsoto-machinecode but what does your question mean, what ways do you think it could affect Firefox?
    is Firefox behaving strangely?
    Can someone tell me what the carat ^ stands for in and entry like this: "app-layout": "PolymerElements/app-layout#^2.0.1"
    Does it mean v2.0.1 or newer?
    Semion Zuev
    Anyone help! I register my package via command bower register my-package https://github.com/user/my-package.git (it's public repository). Registration was successful. And command bower info my-package gives me information about the package. And command bower install my-package successfully install the package. And https://registry.bower.io/packages/my-package successfully gives me information in JSON. Why is the package not being searched in https://bower.io/search/ ?
    Ismael Venegas Castelló

    Hello everyone! :wave:

    I am recieving an error that I don't understand why is happening:

        default: bower tipsy#~1.0.0a                    ENORESTARGET Tag/branch ~1.0.0a does not exist
        default: Additional error details:                                                                                                                              
        default: Available tags: v0.1.3, v0.1.4, v0.1.5, v0.1.6, v0.1.7, v1.0.0a

    So basically I am updating a project, and saw this dependency that was:

        "tipsy": "~0.1.7",

    And updated it to:

        "tipsy": "~1.0.0a",

    Could anyone please help me? What is the correct way to specify this version in the bower.json file? Thaks!

    v1.0.0a is an available tag, but I dont understand how I should be specifing it in the config file
    Thomas Grainger
    @SalchiPapa have you tried yarn?
    Ismael Venegas Castelló
    @graingert hi! Thank you, indeed I have moved to yarn, and I think I'm fine :)
    Thomas Grainger
    @SalchiPapa neato
    Hello all! I just finished compiling a survey with more than 350 open source software project members which, together with some communication theory, we used to define a set of best practices and guidelines for using Gitter (in fact, it probably applies to any chat-like platform).
    If anybody would be interest on it, or in applying them in this community, or your other projects, there is a small survey you can fill to get the guidelines. The survey takes something between just 10 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes to fill and it is intended to help us validate the guidelines in the future.
    There is also a small article I wrote with a really short description about the study; in case you would be curious about it.
    Of course, feel free to send the survey link to anyone you would like to share these guidelines with.
    Thomas Grainger
    @fabiomolinaruol are you spamming lots of other chatrooms?
    @XeniaLogan WOW!
    so does bower let you get around require without a server?
    Balaji Prasad
    Bower dependency in bower.json such that the dependency always updates whenever there is a new version
    What shall be the expression?Can anyone please help
    "^" and ">=" is not solving the exact purpose
    Thomas Grainger
    @balajiprasadb have you tried using yarn?
    Roger Taylor
    Randolph Vincent
    Hey I am new
    Thomas Grainger
    @aikoa if you're new to bower you should just use npm
    Or yarn of course
    Renato Marinho
    Hey guys, I'm GitScrum founder. I want to invite group members to get to know GitScrum. Site: https://site.gitscrum.com/
    Thomas Grainger
    @renato2marinho_twitter have you tried yarn instead?
    Hi im new to using bower can any one explain this command: bower install --allow-root --force? Lot of thanks!
    melissa ann mallia
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    melissa ann mallia
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