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Repo info
    Paul Grandperrin
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    Now I drink beer and you feature will be added tomorrow :)
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    I created branch https://github.com/bozaro/lz4-rs/tree/size with pending changes.
    Paul Grandperrin
    ahah great, me I'm drinking wine right now ;-)
    BTW, just a small thing, the past tense of "read" is also "read" not "readed" :-)
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    I don't add get_written_size() and get_read_size(), because it's looks like broken: I can't get a total compressed size with this methods.
    So, I think in you case, you can simply call encoder.writer().len() and you problem is solved.
    hi i am beginner in rust; I am going bonkers on a silly thing
    how to decompress Vec<u8> to a String?
    Justin Kilpatrick
    hey has this crate ever been tested with bigendian architecutres?
    I'm 99% sure I have an endianess bug
    tracking down exactly where it is won't be very fun. Trying to get cross tests to work
    Niklas Fiekas
    hi. looks like liblz4 1.9.4 is finally released, and i see lz4-sys is already updated on master. does rustsec/advisory-db#1383 look correct? will publish, as soon as the latest version is on crates.io