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Repo info
    Paul Grandperrin
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    Now I drink beer and you feature will be added tomorrow :)
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    I created branch https://github.com/bozaro/lz4-rs/tree/size with pending changes.
    Paul Grandperrin
    ahah great, me I'm drinking wine right now ;-)
    BTW, just a small thing, the past tense of "read" is also "read" not "readed" :-)
    Artem V. Navrotskiy
    I don't add get_written_size() and get_read_size(), because it's looks like broken: I can't get a total compressed size with this methods.
    So, I think in you case, you can simply call encoder.writer().len() and you problem is solved.
    hi i am beginner in rust; I am going bonkers on a silly thing
    how to decompress Vec<u8> to a String?
    Justin Kilpatrick
    hey has this crate ever been tested with bigendian architecutres?
    I'm 99% sure I have an endianess bug
    tracking down exactly where it is won't be very fun. Trying to get cross tests to work