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hi, trying to use pdfmake in aurelia, installed it via jspm and got it imported just fine, but when I try and execute the default code as per github I get a error that the robotto font is not found
since this is installed via jspm vfs_fonts.js is in the folder but not sure how to import it as jspm only makes a entry for pdfmake in the client config
I don't know about jspm and aurelia, however, I just needed to add a separate line for the vfs-fonts.js file in my grunt.js config file. Are you including all your libraries as a single, concatenated .js file? If so, your build system is probably doing that. You will need to figure out how that happens and add an entry for both the pdfmake.js and vfs-fonts.js file.
ty, got that sorted out, got another quick question
if I want to present a div that will emulate a A4 PDF document, what are the pixel dimentions?
can you set the ppi for the pdf document you are creating?
Hi is it possible to place text over an image? Let's say I have a image of a form and would like to pre-populate this form by simple placing text over it. Thanks
Yogesh Patel
Hello i am facing issue in pdf with some UTF-8 Character.Pdf do not display my fonts.I am using google gujarati font and when i create pdf it remains blank when i use Roboto fonts its working fine..help!!!
Yogesh Patel
hi i have small issue when i am using google gujarati font
"દૈનિક પત્રક " this word is display as " દૈનકિ પ ત્ ર ક " in pdf
any idea how to resolve it???
Dhruv Prajapati
Hey there ... can anybody help me
i wanted to give backgound color to a heading
how can i ?
Bryan Green
There seems to be an issue with creating a PDF in Edge. There are a number of issues open regarding this. Can anybody shed more light on either the problem or any potential solutions?
See: bpampuch/pdfmake#693
Or: bpampuch/pdfmake#392
Is there any way to add bold style to table cell? can anyone help me.
I want to make a note for tpv, could you give me a link with examples made?
Pat RTomé
Hello, I have some specific requirements for the printed font depending on the document section: 0.9 mm(or bigger), 1.2 mm(or bigger) I have printed and measured, and found that it would mean 7 (0.9mm) and 8 or 9 (1.2mm) but I am not 100% sure of my measurements. I found a formula on the web : 1pt=0.35 mm but then I get values that do not correspond at what is printed! anybody knows the correct formula or correspondence ? or simply what is secure as font for 0.9mm and 1.2 mm Thanks a lot
Pat RTomé
I am right that the font measurements are in sp and not pt ? in which case now all makes sense (http://angrytools.com/android/pixelcalc/)
i want to display amount in table
what can i do? any one help me
i want to display amount in table same as total in above img. what can i do?
Paskalouis Patressi
Hi, is the website down ? I want to access the playground but can't. The site can't be reached
Andrew Preciado
@bpampuch Hi, I am trying to export my ui grid with a logo as the header. I have a search filter header I want to export and an image above the search filter. Is there a way I can do both within $scope.exporterPdfHeader?
pdfMake.createPdf(dd).getDataUrl(function(outDoc) {
document.getElementById('pdfV').src = outDoc;
}); how can i apply
i'm using pdfmake package to download the pdf file
but i'm getting errors
can someone help me out getting this resolved

Normal PDF to Booklet PDF and vice versa

I am looking for the following

Normal Sequential Page PDF: Assume a PDF has 51 or 50 or 53 pages sequentially. Wanted to print in booklet format. Either in single or duplex - backtoback via duplex or non-duplex printer

Booklet PDF: Assume a PDF is in booklet format. Now i want to print them sequentially page by page in each sheet.

Which open source or commercial software which will be best suitable for the above?



Hi, someone could tell me?, please, why I am getting this error:

kt.createPdf is not a function

hello, @all can you help me I got error can't ng build i think because of pdfmake library that I use it to print receipt but i don't know to solve this problem? you can see my errors in below