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Aug 2016
Laurent Francioli
Aug 11 2016 13:36
@Fedja: you’ll have to show this to me…I’m curious to see how this works :)
Daniel King
Aug 11 2016 16:08
  def anyFailAllFail[C[_], T](ts: TraversableOnce[Option[T]])(implicit cbf: CanBuildFrom[Nothing, T, C[T]]): Option[C[T]] = {
    val b = cbf()
    for (t <- ts) {
      if (t.isEmpty)
        return None
        b += t.get
import scala.language.higherKinds
Mitja Kurki
Aug 11 2016 20:11
@lfrancioli On my way to Finland so can’t show in person now. Email bits that you want activation code for YouKit. Download it and during installation it asks if you want to integrate with IntelliJ…. then just shoot profile from run the way you launch hail as an app! voila. group by threads you can see worker threads separately!
Laurent Francioli
Aug 11 2016 20:12
seems pretty nice :)