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Sep 2015
Matthew Aho
Sep 03 2015 18:27
Another random question -- i'm trying to add some logic to build my config .coffee
Consider this at the top of
jsJoinTo = {}

for module in MODULES

    jsJoinTo[module + ".min.js"] = [

        new RegExp "^modules\/#{module}\/static\/app"

The second I do something like that, it starts complaining: Error: couldn't load config /home/ui/ TypeError: Cannot read property 'files' of undefined
wondering if i'm missing something very basic here
Matthew Aho
Sep 03 2015 18:39
its as if something is failing somehow but not being verbose about it
wow, it must be almost friday
completely ignore everything i said
I was overwritting module exports in my for loop by calling it module lulz
I just can't even today...
Elan Shanker
Sep 03 2015 20:32
no worries @ahomatthew :clap: :clap: :clap: