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Feb 2016
Jacob Wright
Feb 12 2016 16:59
$ brunch new -s brunch/react-skeleton
error: Error: skeleton 'brunch/react-skeleton' doesn't exist
Does brunch@2.2.3 no longer support the shortcut for skeleton URLs? Should update the documentation if so.
I can install just fine with the full URL btw
Jacob Wright
Feb 12 2016 17:19
Also, npm support looks broken. There are errors Cannot find module "process" from “/“ even though process is never used in the required module.
Jacob Wright
Feb 12 2016 17:25
What is the general state of brunch? It seems like there are a lot of broken things.
Tests don’t pass. npm feature is broken. React skeleton doesn’t work out-of-the-box.
Sorry, correction, tests do pass. My nvm was on an old version. But there are only 7 tests.
Jacob Wright
Feb 12 2016 17:31
I didn’t see how recent all these additions were. I assumed the npm-feature and react skeleton had been around awhile. Instead of complaining I’ll see if I can help stabalize these new features.
Mauro Oviedo
Feb 12 2016 21:18
@jacwright npm fearute was only added very recently
also, it’s suggested that u use brunch with node v4 and npm 3 i believe
that’s the logging suggestion i get when I started messing with brunch 2.*
David Salazar
Feb 12 2016 23:15
Hello, for any interested here is a dead simple angular2/typescript and brunch boilerplate