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Feb 2016
Göran Krampe
Feb 24 2016 10:06
We are looking at integrating brunch with the Evothings workbench (an IDE kinda, written in node webkit).
Wondering a bit... about best way to do so (calling commands, capturing output and errors etc).
Mikael Kindborg
Feb 24 2016 10:13
Working together with @gokr on this. Is there an API for brunch (can brunch be programmatically used as a node module)? Could plugins be a way for us to hook into the build?
Mauro Oviedo
Feb 24 2016 21:49
thats a great question @paulmillr or @es128 should have the best answer for you @gokr
Göran Krampe
Feb 24 2016 22:52