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Aug 2016
John Grimes
Aug 02 2016 12:17
i figured it out - the default paths.watched includes the test directory, which means that the tests and all their dependencies get included in the production bundle
Adrian Li
Aug 02 2016 17:48
I've been asked by Dan Abramov to take a shot at rewriting create-react-app with Brunch instead of Webpack
I've written about it in more detail here: brunch/brunch#1466
wonder if anyone wanted to help?
Mauro Oviedo
Aug 02 2016 18:32
@adrianmc I don't mind helping out, but first I have to read up on what create react app is
so @adrianmc you want to update create-react-app to wrap around brunch instead of webpack?
Adrian Li
Aug 02 2016 23:17
@moviedo pretty much yeah.
if you read my blog post, my criticism of CRA is that it's simple (which is good), but when you eject, you are immediately greeted with a million webpack/babel config files.
I think Brunch is a better solution overall, since its configuration file is super minimal.
Adrian Li
Aug 02 2016 23:24
refer to the issue for more detail. the ephemeral nature of gitter chat makes it hard for me to get too in-depth.