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Aug 2016
Johan Wänglöf
Aug 24 2016 20:18
So I'm lost, would love some help! In our project we have html-files in other directories than assets and want to move these (kinda like this question: The answer to the SO question works, however, I want everything that's in the assets-directory directly in public/ and not in public/assets/. Any ideas?
Mauro Oviedo
Aug 24 2016 20:25
@jwanglof you can create a new asset directory to watch
watched: [
        'assets', ..etc
place ur html files in there
and it should be moved over to public
so u get no directory, just public/index.html
Johan Wänglöf
Aug 24 2016 20:31
How about that, thanks @moviedo! Top notch!
Nope, nvm, didn't work. Gonna try some more tomorrow. Thanks!