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Sep 2016
Yves Lange
Sep 29 2016 09:02

Hi guys,
How to correctly, configure brunch to work with Polymer (HTML) files.

Since the begining of my project i'm using the following stack: CoffeeScript, ReactJs and Polymer ( Of course, I couldn't detached myself from Brunch and Bower.

My application is in the app/ directory (as usual). Then for bower, i have the following situation (which is my problem so far):

Normally, I would have my bower_components/ directory in the root folder of the project. But since Polymer is using HTML files, I put my bower folder in 'app/assets/libs/bower_components'. Well well, actually this folder is hudge (around 50mb) and when launching the watcher, it will take 30 sec to copy all files from assets/ to the compiled directory.

Best regards.