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Oct 2016
Yves Lange
Oct 05 2016 09:05
@ryansobol since Polymer contains HTML files only (eg:, the vendor.js will not contains what I need :(
Yves Lange
Oct 05 2016 10:20

@itsakt actually it seems you are right. I just found the assets: copyTo attribut (brunch/brunch#616). Thus, I might go for

  "polymer": [

I hope that brunch can copy the entire directory.

Where can I find the documentation of copyTo ? I didn't found it. And what is the difference between copyTo and puting file in the assets folder (beside the filtering part) ?Does copyTo will check that the file exists before copying ? What is the impact on the watcher ?

@itsakt @ryansobol : thanks for answering <3