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Jan 2017
Andrew Barr
Jan 25 2017 01:56
I am trying to use Brunch to include jquery.validate as a jquery plugin but not having any success. Anyone have a working example?
Colin Bate
Jan 25 2017 02:56
How are you trying to include it? I've not done much with jQuery and Brunch, but you should be able to use the vendor folder and reference it via a global. Or are you trying to use it as a CommonJS module?
Jackson Ray Hamilton
Jan 25 2017 07:06

Hi, I was wondering how I can ensure that dependencies of a file I exclude are also excluded?

Use case: I'm building 2 scripts: One that manipulates the DOM, and a web worker script. The web worker requires a bunch of libraries that the DOM script does not. I was able to exclude the web worker script's entry point from my DOM script, but all the worker's dependencies are still included in the compiled DOM script.

Jackson Ray Hamilton
Jan 25 2017 07:18
Scratch that - I realized there is an "entryPoints" feature for exactly my case. Brunch is amazing!
Rob Lund
Jan 25 2017 23:59
I apologize if this is actually more of a Babel question, than a Brunch question - Has anyone run into issues getting ES6 sourcemaps using babel-brunch? I am successfully generating files and they are even mapping to the individual JS source files, but when you open them in Chrome or Firefox dev tools they are still showing up as the transpiled ES5 files and not the original source file contents.