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Mar 2017
Mar 01 2017 06:16
@dsignr Each file that is beeing processed by brunch is a MODULE. By default brunch preserve even your tree structure i.e. src/components/App.js will be a module that can be accessed by through path src/components/App.js
@shvaikalesh That's actually a shame. Originally i thought that brunch doesn't do anything on its own except for bundling and leaves everything to plugins, but now it turns out it differs :( While i like Brunch simplicity docs on such things might be vital otherwise no one would know that plugins such as javascript-brunch ain't needed at all
@dsignr you can check out how i organize files
Aleksey Shvayka
Mar 01 2017 12:58
@DoumanAsh we don't consider a "plugin for every thing" a good idea like it does gulp, for example. Brunch can do renaming, order, etc out of box because this are common stuff you do and user should not look for a plugin to do that (and technical reasons too). Thats why we resolve modules like node does, as well as wrap .json
Denys Dovhan
Mar 01 2017 15:36

Your plugin should only do one thing, and do it well.

— from gulp docs

@shvaikalesh just FYI ;)

Aleksey Shvayka
Mar 01 2017 15:36
thanks, i've read their docs. not impressed.